Hino-Connect – The next generation of Telematics & Business Intel

Hino-Connect delivers 700 Series customers real-time insights into the operation of their fleets.

Hino Australia has launched Hino-Connect, which will deliver its 700 Series customers the next generation of business telematics with real-time performance data tracking, remote diagnosis of vehicle faults 24/7 and dedicated Hino-Connect specialist support.  

Available as standard fitment on the all-new Hino 700 SeriesHino-Connect is an Australian-built and designed system that communicates directly with the driver via the truck’s Multimedia unit, and delivers comprehensive levels of data to business managers through an online portal and app.

‘’More than just a mapping or tracking tool, Hino-Connect delivers 700 Series customers real-time insights into the operation of their fleets,” said Gus Belanszky, General Manager - Service and Customer Support for Hino Australia.  

“In an Australian-first, Hino-Connect will allow direct communications with drivers through the intelligent Multimedia unit.

“This is the next iteration of the intelligent Multimedia unit that is standard on all Hino trucks – while Hino-Connect is currently only available on all-new 700 Series, this is an exciting indication of what the future holds for Hino customers,” said Mr Belanszky.

Business intelligence in real-time

Using real-time data and insights, Hino-Connect will automatically analyse the cause and effect of driver performance, safety and vehicle utilisation using simple dashboards in the portal.

Hino-Connect also gathers live vehicle performance data to provide full operational visibility to business managers including brake count, gear change numbers and even the amount of times a vehicle is operating within its optimum RPM band.

Hino-Connect uses Driver Score Reporting to monitor key indicators like harsh braking or acceleration, over revving or speeding to identify poor performance that can then be addressed through coaching to enhance driving techniques.

“Business managers can also track current fuel usage of individual trucks, and use the forecasting tool to estimate future fuel costs,” said Mr Belanszky.

Live GPS tracking and detailed trip reports allow fleets to update their customers with accurate delivery times while also identifying inefficient routes.

For increased fleet security, there are useful tools such as ‘movement without ignition’ alerts while geo-fencing ensures operators will be notified if a vehicle leaves a designated area.

Automated email notifications provide full visibility of the Active Safety System with Pre-Collision System alerts to provide another level of fleet safety.

Hino-Connect also proactively monitors maintenance reminders so customers can schedule ahead and minimise downtime.

Remote diagnostics and case management – more Hino Advantages

In the unlikely event of a severe vehicle fault, an alert and remedy is delivered straight to the driver through the multimedia unit, and to the customer and Hino-Connect Specialist via email.

A unique feature of Hino-Connect is the case management and the support provided by Hino-Connect Specialists, who liaise between the customer, driver and dealer to track and oversee the progress of the repair or maintenance to get the truck back on the road quickly. 

“The dedicated support provided by our Hino-Connect Specialists extends our Hino Advantage commitment to our customers and further enhances our in-house Customer Support Centre,” continued Mr Belanszky.

Like all Hino products, the 700 Series is supported by Hino Advantage, a suite of business solutions that are designed to reduce costs over the life of the vehicle.

Hino Advantage includes Hino SmartSafe, capped price servicing, Hino Genuine Parts, 24/7 Hino roadside assist, and finance options.

The all-new 700 Series models come with a 3 years or 500,000km standard warranty (whichever comes first), and the option of extending the warranty to 5 years.

Connecting 700 Series customers

Customers who buy a 2021 all-new Hino 700 Series will receive 5 years of complimentary remote diagnostics and Hino-Connect Specialist support including vehicle engine control monitoring; severe fault alerts; and case management of fault rectification.

In addition, they will also receive 12 months of complimentary business intelligence access, which will provide in-depth operational management of their fleet including live tracking and trip analysis; fuel consumption and forecasting; vehicle performance monitoring; and maintenance support.

“For customers with multi-brand fleets, Hino-Connect will seamlessly integrate through an API (Application Programming Interface) data integration feed, providing customers with full visibility of their entire fleet,” said Mr Belanszky. 

After 12 months, customers can choose to extend the business intelligence access and API integration for up to an additional 48 months.

Following the success of the current multimedia unit which is standard across the range, Hino has once again partnered with Melbourne-based Directed Electronics to design and develop Hino-Connect.

“At Hino, we are committed to leveraging our detailed knowledge and understanding of our trucks, dealer network and customers to developing and delivering impactful digital solutions,” said Mr Belanszky. 

“While others can claim business intelligence, we believe Hino-Connect truly delivers this for our customers.

“The all-new Hino 700 Series is safer, cleaner and is now connected,” concluded Mr Belanszky.

Hino 700 Series Interior
Remote diagnostics of vehicle faults 24/7 is one feature of Hino-Connect, the next generation of business telematics.