Jacob Hino Genuine Parts

Jacob Hino Genuine Parts

Now that you have your Hino truck, it's important to keep it all Hino by using only Hino Genuine Parts. This guarantees your truck will deliver maximum reliability backed by the security of Hino's Warranties should it ever be needed.

Why Use Genuine Hino Parts and Accessories?

  • A three year unlimited kilometre warranty on all Genuine Hino Parts and a range of Hino Accessories.
  • Your vehicle will be looked after by fully trained factory technicians.
  • The Hino Parts operation services Jacob Hino seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • The 5,000 square metre central warehouse holds over 30,000 lines, with a sophisticated distribution system and built on bar coding technology, allowing rapid delivery.
  • We operate a service feedback system between our customers, dealers, head office and the parent company in Japan. This allows swift and decisive action to be taken in response to customer's problems and is an integral part of our continuous improvement policy.

Parts Warranty

Your Hino truck is a key part of your business. Our business is to help you make as much money with it as possible. So in order to help you do so, we've introduced a great new warranty.

Buy any Genuine Hino Part or Accessory fitted by an authorised Hino dealer and we'll give you a three year warranty with unlimited kilometres during this period. Since it applies both to the parts and labour it makes brilliant business sense no matter what model Hino you drive.

Keeping Your Hino 100% Hino

The reasons you bought a Hino in the first place are the same reasons why you should insist on Genuine Hino Parts and Accessories fitted by Hino trained and authorised technicians. They're engineered to exceed the toughest of criteria, so you can rest easy knowing that they'll keep your Hino vehicle in the best shape possible and minimise potential downtime.

Genuine Oils and Lubricants

Because we know our diesel engines, transmissions and drivelines, we know what needs to go into the lubricants that will give them the extreme protection they need to cope with Australia’s extreme operating conditions. Protection that maximises each component's performance, durability, and a longer, productive life. After all, you bought your Hino to work hard, day after day, year after year, with as little trouble as possible.

Genuine lubricants - your peace of mind

When you use Hino Genuine Series oils, you’re guaranteed they're Hino approved for peace of mind. The advanced formulations of our diesel engine oils, transmission and driveline lubricants are specially tuned to Hino's latest technology. They're designed to reduce wear, provide excellent oxidation stability, reduce oil consumption and ensure exceptional component cleanliness.

Genuine Battery

Hino’s advanced vehicle technology has been developed over decades by hundreds of technical engineers. Their dedication is symbolic of the spirit that is a catalyst for developing trucks that are built to last. Trucks that owners buy because of their proven outstanding reliability and cost efficiency when it comes to maintenance and parts replacement.

All components are made to exacting specifications to provide maximised performance – just as the factory intended. That’s why many Hino owners have experienced for themselves how crucial it is to keep their trucks 100% Hino with Hino genuine parts.